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Marriage License Requirements

Both parties must be present when applying for a marriage license, sign the application form, and take an oath to the truthfulness of the information provided. Marriage Ceremony must take place within 60 days.

Both parties must provide proof of the following:

  • Identification:
    • Driver’s license issued in the United States.
    • Federal or state identification card; or
    • Passport showing your name and date of birth (birth certificates or green cards are not accepted).
  • Both parties must read the Family Law Handbook – English and Spanish Versions prior to obtaining a marriage license.
  • If either person was married before, the way the last marriage ended and the exact date the marriage ended are needed. Copies of the death certificate, final decree of divorce, or annulment are not required.

Requirements for Minors (One or Both Applicants)

All of the following are required:

  • The person is at least 17 years of age and provides the written consent of his or her parents or legal guardian, which is acknowledged by an officer authorized by law to take acknowledgments and administer oaths; and
  • The older party to the marriage is not more than 2 years older than the younger party to the marriage.