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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get married the day of?

There is a MANDATORY 3-day waiting period for Florida residents who have not completed a 4-hour premarital preparation course from an approved provider. There is no waiting period for non-Florida residents. Florida residents who have not taken the approved premarital course may make an appointment to return in 3 business days. 

How can I get a marriage license?

Couples may apply for a marriage license online using our Marriage Application.

In addition to completing the online application, couples must schedule an appointment with our office. Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 3:30pm. Couples may apply for a marriage license using our Online Marriage Kiosk.

Schedule your appointment here:  Schedule an Appointment

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Both parties must be present the day of your appointment and provide any of the following identification:

  • Driver’s license issued in the United States:
  • Federal or state identification card; or
  • Passport showing your name and date of birth (birth certificates or green cards are not accepted)

Additonally, both parties must read the Family Law Handbook – English and Spanish Versions prior to obtaining a marriage license. 

How many guests can I bring to my marriage ceremony?

Couples are invited to bring up to 10 guests to celebrate their special day the ceremony room. 

What are the requirements to get married under the age of 18?

The person is at least 17 years of age and provides the written consent of his or her parents or legal guardian, which is acknowledged by an officer authorized by law to take acknowledgments and administer oaths; and the older party to the marriage is not more than 2 years older than the younger party to the marriage.

I was previously married, are there any other requirements?

You must provide the date previous marriage ended. You are not required to provide documentation.

Where can I find a premarital course?

The premarital course provider list is available online (link below) and at our office location.

How long is my marriage license valid?

You must get married within 60 days, or your license is no longer valid.

What do I do with my marriage license after the ceremony?

Within 10 days after the marriage ceremony, the officiant (pastor, priest, minister, notary public, etc.) must fill out and sign the marriage license. The marriage license must then be dropped off or mailed to our office locations to be recorded in the Official Records. A certified copy of the marriage license will be returned to the couple once it is recorded.

How do I obtain copies of my marriage license?

To view a marriage license that was applied for and recorded in Osceola County, search the PERCH Search Online. Uncertified copies may be printed on your own printer for free. Certified copies may be purchased from the Clerk’s office. If you are using the copy for a legal purpose, we suggest that you purchase a certified copy.

I am not a Florida resident, can I still get married?

Non-Florida residents who wish be married in The State of Florida, may apply for a marriage license. The 3-day waiting period is waived for non-residents. 

How do I change my last name?

A certified copy of your marriage license needs to be presented to the Social Security Administration for a name change.  A photo copy or notarized copy will not be accepted. For more information on changing your name, please visit the Social Security Administration website.