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Filing an Appeal

For information on how to file an appeal, you may either contact an attorney or research the Florida Statutes and Florida Rules of Court. You may also reference the Appellate Handbook.

The Filing Fee for Traffic Infraction (TR case), Code Enforcement or Administrative Agency Appeals is $281.00.

The Filing Fee for County and Circuit Court to District Court appeals is $100.00 to Kelvin Soto, Clerk of the Circuit Court.  PLEASE NOTE: the Sixth District Court of Appeal will also bill you for their filing fee of $300.00 separately for a total of $400.00 in filing fees.

Ensure that the Order being appealed is attached to the Notice of Appeal to file it.

Processing Fees

Appeal processing fees must be paid at the time the Notice of Appeal is filed with the Clerk of the Circuit Court and County Comptroller’s office. Appeal processing fees are not required when the Court has entered an order to waive the fees, or declared the defendant indigent for appeal purposes.

After the Appeal Record is prepared, an additional fee for the preparation will be due. The cost of the preparation is different for each case as the cost is based upon the complexity of the record. 

Please visit our Fee schedule for additional information and fee dollar amounts.

Legal Forms

Most legal forms can be purchased from an office supply or stationery store. The Florida Rules of Court and Florida Supreme Court websites also have sample forms to assist you in an appeal.

Hearing Time

There is no hearing time involved with the appeal process unless a judge, attorney or defendant requests one. If the judge has requested a hearing, you will be notified by the judge’s office.

Checking the Status

To check the status of an appeal pending in the Circuit Court, contact the Clerk and Comptroller’s office at the following numbers:

Felony or Juvenile Appeals – (407) 742-3549
Misdemeanor/Traffic Appeals – (407) 742 -3627

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