Fees and Fines

The Traffic Division is the largest single court-related area of the Clerk’s Office. The Traffic Division is responsible for processing all traffic citations issued by the Kissimmee Police Department, St. Cloud Police Department, Osceola County Sheriff’s Department, the Florida Highway Patrol (when issued in Osceola County), and other state law enforcement agencies. Cases filed in the Traffic Division are: criminal traffic violations, traffic infractions (cases involving a civil penalty/fine and not punishable by a term in the county jail) and parking tickets.

The Traffic Division is located at 2 Courthouse Square, Kissimmee, Florida. Individuals with citations report there to satisfy citations, request hearing, elect traffic school, and seek other information. Traffic Court is held in the Osceola County Courthouse.

We have cashiers available where customers can elect an option (as defined below), pay a fine, or show proof of compliance to satisfy a traffic citation. Technology plays a key role in allowing the Clerk’s Office to process a case quickly. The Clerk of Court is authorized by Florida Statutes to reinstate the driver’s license and privilege to drive when a person complies with all obligations and penalties imposed.

If you have been issued a traffic citation, please read the following:

You must comply with one of the following, within thirty (30) calendar days from the issue date of your citation to prevent suspension of your driver’s license and a late fee of $23.00 (plus a $60.00 reinstatement fee):

1. MAIL PAYMENT - (Points may be assessed) – Make personal check, cashier’s check or money order payable to Clerk of the Court, in accordance with the civil penalty indicated on the back of your citation. Include a copy of your citation affix proper postage and mail.

2. ELECT TO ATTEND TRAFFIC SCHOOL AND PAY CIVIL PENALTY (NO POINTS ASSESSED) - It is entirely your responsibility to enroll in driving school. You are also responsible for filing the completion form with the Clerk’s Office within the time limit specified. Make personal check, cashier’s check or money order payable to: Clerk of the Court. Mail original (white) copy of the Affidavit and copy of your citation, proper payment amount, affix proper postage and mail. Request for School and Payment must be RECEIVED by the Traffic Division within thirty (30) Calendar days from issue date of citation or your school option will be denied.

** Effective 7/1/05 - Drivers holding a commercial license may no longer make this election.**

3. REQUEST A HEARING - You may appear in person or request in writing within thirty (30) Calendar days a hearing for any non-criminal traffic infraction.

WARNING: Pursuant to Section 28.246 (6), Florida Statutes, any fines and cost remain unpaid after 90 days may be referred to a collection agency, and up to an additional 40% charge will be added to the amount owed.

Additional penalties apply if payment is not received by the due date.

No Options or Payments Will Be Accepted By Telephone

If You Have Any Questions, Call (407) 742-3566

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